Welcome to Torrefaccion Mayor

A family tradition that began here in Hacienda Gripiñas more than a century ago was transformed into what we are today: a small family owned and managed specialty coffee operation, providers of the highest quality coffee produced in Puerto Rico.

Café Gripiñas

As a way of celebrating our heritage, Café Gripiñas is produced today by the same high standards, effort and dedication that gave the coffee of the old Hacienda Gripiñas in Jayuya, Puerto Rico, a Gold Medal for the Grand Prize at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1904. It's label proudly bears the authentic stamping with which this premium high quality coffee was shipped in the past century to the great European markets, as it is today.

Café Mayor

is one of the finest coffees in the world. There are not many regions in the world where coffee has been grown and processed by the same family for five generations. Café Mayor is the result of more than a hundred years of family dedication to the coffee industry. The premium quality of Café Mayor derives from the hand picked and hand selected finest beans that grow in the highest coffee region of Puerto Rico. This allows our 100% Arabica beans to take more time to mature, resulting in better acidic balance, richer cream, deeper density and smoother aroma.

" El café debe ser negro como el pecado,

caliente como el infierno, puro como un ángel y dulce como el amor"...   

Our History